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Accident Failure Insurance


Have you ever been faced the problem of the failure of travel insurance or met with an accident in your tour? If yes then it is horrible to remember again and nobody wants to come to a meeting with this type of problem again. If unfortunately, you meet with these miss-happenings, at least you want to recover your financial loss; right? Parentstravels’s travel accident and failure cover plan provides you national and international accident protection.


This plan is popular among the tourists because it covers many types of accidents during tour and failure of the travel insurance without going for a tour.
ACCIDENT and FAILURE COVER WITH TRAVEL INSURANCE plan is ideal in the condition when a tourist worried about having life insurance and a fear of an accident.

    Why this Travel Accident and Failure insurance is unique for all?

  • The Accident and Failure Cover with Travel Insurance plan has no any age limit i.e. any healthy person can avail the benefit of this travel insurance plan.
  • This travel insurance plan has flexible benefit choices that you choose according to your budget and requirement.
  • The benefits of this plan are not limited, a lot of attractive benefits the plan has attract the tourists from all over the world to purchase.

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