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Airline Failure Insurance

Do you get your flight cancellation cover in your tour policy?

You have arranged a tour with family, everything is all set, ready to go today and suddenly you get a message, your flight has been canceled. Your booking was under the non-refundable scheme. How will you recover this financial loss? There are two ways, re-schedule your tour on another date or take your full amount refund from the “Parentstravels” tour and airlines service provider. But, to handle this type of situations you must have a flight accident or airline failure cover insurance.


The tour and flight failure policy does not belong to the tourists only, but, also to the professionals who do tours on a daily or weekly basis for business meetings. Traveling daily is a risky job, ample of professionals are facing this type of problem day-by- day. Frequent traveling may arise some problems at personal and technical level; it may include tiredness, flight accident, flight cancellation, flight delay, and much more.

    Some essential points that affect the price and other terms and conditions of the policy, every flight traveler should know before buying a flight failure policy:

  • The age of the passengers
  • The distance, day, and time of the trip
  • Additional coverage
  • The network of the company
  • Types of coverage, involved in Flight Travel Insurance

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