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Affordable Travel Insurance Australia. Plan that fit your need.

Most of us who travel abroad do not buy travel insurance until they leave. May be reason behind is busy life. Travel insurance is very important when traveling abroad, whether required or not. Whether you availed your travel insurance that you purchased during previous journey.  If you are ill or injured abroad, your travel insurance can cover your medical costs. Your local travel insurance company coordinates with accredited hospitals where you are restricted. Note that medical expenses abroad are very costly and you maybe you can’t afford that. Hospitals might even hesitate to provide you with expensive medical treatment due to the fear that you might not pay (Obviously it happens).

The introduction of a travel insurance policy can persuade hospitals abroad to provide the necessary medical treatments. Travel insurance also covers the loss and delay of legitimate baggage, missed departures, death, disability and repatriation of mortal remains after death.

LMTI Travel Insurance agency in Australia is one of the leading and most reliable providers in the Australia. Its best and most affordable travel insurance service provider.

Apart from affordable insurance packages. It has the following advantages:

Death or Disability: Travel insurance cover death or disability during your travel abroad, while your regular insurance company do not cover this

Death or Disability: Benefit specified in the policy plan for accidental death and disability within 90 days of the accident date. Maybe it's different in your region or policy provider. Please confirm from end.

Loss of Baggage including Delays: Pays for actual or replacement cost of baggage due to accidental loss, theft or damage during the trip.  This also takes care of your concerns if your checked baggage is delayed, misdirected or misplaced for more than 8 hours from the time you arrive at your destination.

Trip Cancellation / Curtailment: refunds non- refundable costs such as airline tickets, irrevocable deposits and advance payments for accommodation if your trip is cancelled or reduced due to unforeseen incidents.

Missed travel connections: payments receive up to Partial Hospitalization Program 10,000 for reasonable additional travel and accommodation costs incurred in alternative travel arrangements

Other benefits are:

  • Hospital Cash Benefits

  • Personal Liability:

  • Delayed Departure:

  • Missed Departure

  • ·Loss of Passport:

  • Hijack

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation

Free 24-Hour Worldwide Travel Assistance Services: Through our service, LMTI offers 24*7 assistance during or after travel. Drop a mail with your query at contact@lmti.com.au

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