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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some Useful Questions

We do not recommend any particular travel products provider on our website. We bring all the information to you so that you can make your own travel products comparison/decision. If you need more information about specific products then you should contact travel products company directly .

When you purchase your Products, Travel Products company will either post or email your Products’ documents to you. Your documents include your Certificate of Insurance or confirmation of Flight Tickets or Hotel pass and/or your Product Disclosure Statement. It’s a good idea to carry a copy of your all documents with you when you travel. It is also a good idea to keep them in your email inbox so you can access them if you need to.

Please contact Travel Products provider as soon as you realize the error so that they can review and amend where possible.

If you have an emergency while you are travelling, contact your travel insurance/Products provider .This service should be available 24 hours a day. The insurer will work with local medical providers and services to ensure you receive the attention required.

Yes, you can request to extend your policy generally a week before your cover ends while you are overseas but it depends on company to company.

Generally, you should make a claim within 30 days of returning home. It may vary according company to company.

To make a claim, simply contact travel insurance provider.

Yes . when You purchase, you will be able to select the excess amount (for example $0, $100 or $250). The amount You selected will be shown on Your Certificate of Insurance. The excess applicable to claims.

Visit www.smartraveller.gov.au for the latest travel advice and warnings from the Australian Government. You can even register to receive updates for your chosen destinations.

You'll need to check the smart traveller website for travel advice. If a country is listed as "do not travel" Most insurers will not provide cover if you to travel to this country and your claim arises because you did not follow advice in the mass media or any government or other official body's warning against travel to a particular country or parts of a country. If the country is listed as anything other than "do not travel" and during your journey it changes to "do not travel", Most insurers will cover for your expense mention on Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). You should consider your needs and read the PDS before making a decision to buy insurance. Please contact insurer if you're unsure on this subject.

We are a search and price comparison site, not a booking site. When you click on an offer, we transfer you directly to travel products provider site that is offering you the deal you have chosen. Hence we are searching many travel sites at once, sometimes there are accuracy issues with the information we're dealing in from those sites. Either the site isn't updating their inventory with us, has given us the wrong path or another traveller has booked the last available option.

For changes, cancellations or refunds, we recommend that you contact the travel provider agent that you completed your booking with.
LMTI is a travel products search engine where you can plan your trip. We direct you to your chosen travel provider through LMTI and you make your booking directly with them. We don't take bookings or payments to ourselves therefore we don’t have access or visibility to any of your booking information. Depending on the type of travel product you’ve booked, there may be different options for changes, cancellations and refunds, and the travel provider will be best placed to advise on these. Remember! LMTI is a travel product search and price comparison website, so we are not responsible for your booking.

LMTI is a travel products search engine where you can plan your trip. We direct you to your chosen travel provider through LMTI and you make your booking directly with them. We don't take bookings or payments to ourselves. As we don’t manage any bookings directly we don't offer phone or chat support. Alternatively, if your query or feedback is about the LMTI website the best way to get in touch is via the contact us.

First thing is to check your booking confirmation email. If you couldn’t find it then check your junk mail or spam email. If its not work and still you are not sure about your confirmation , the best thing to do is to check your bank statement, which should show you the service provider name next to any charge.